December 1, 2022

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Db2 13 topics and Data Sharing
Opening Remarks
“Db2 for z/OS Data Sharing: configurations and common issues” Mark Rader IBM
“Identify Hidden Insights using Db2 13 SQL Data Insights” Akiko Hoshikawa: IBM
Virtual Lunch 1 hour
“Db2 13 for z/OS Application Management Enhancements” Tammie Dang IBM
Meeting Wrapup
Abstracts and Biographies: 


Mark Rader

Mark Rader is a Db2 for z/OS specialist in the IBM Z Washington Systems Center.  He has 39 years of technical experience with IBM, and over 33 years with Db2 for z/OS.  He has led many Db2 data sharing implementations and has presented a variety of topics at conferences, including IDUG,  SHARE, IBM Technical University and at regional Db2 user group meetings. He has worked closely with Db2 development in delivering the Early Support Programs for Db2 10, Db2 11, and Db2 12.  He is an author of Redbooks on Parallel Sysplex application considerations, Db2 data sharing, Db2 for z/OS distributed function, and Db2 13 for z/OS and More.

Akiko Hoshikawa 

Akiko Hoshikawa is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM Data and AI. She is a Db2 for z/OS architect with overall responsibility for performance and the strategic integration of AI capability within Db2,  including the SQL Data Insights and many other optimizations in Db2. She loves hands-on working with customers, providing performance evaluation, tuning, benchmarks, designing performance features to solve customers challenges.  She is one of the core SMEs behind creating Db2 AI for z/OS to provide the intelligent self tuning & management in Db2.  

Tammie Dang

 Tammie is a senior software engineer in Db2 for z/OS development SQL and application preparation area. She has been the product owner for many Db2’s innovative enhancement projects across different focuses that are used in most customer environments. Currently she’s leading a team of SMEs and managers to evaluate customer requirements and propose to new epics in the SQL and New Application area.

Sessions and Abstracts:



Db2 for z/OS Data Sharing: configurations and common issues  Mark Rader IBM

Abstract: Db2 for z/OS Data Sharing has been available for over 25 years. Many IBM clients rely on Db2 Data Sharing for their production systems to provide continuous availability, flexible scalability, and workload balancing to their critical applications. This session briefly reviews Parallel Sysplex components, describes basic data sharing configurations, and discusses common issues, including considerations for Db2 coupling facility structures: shared communications area (SCA), lock structure (LOCK1), and group buffer pools (GBPs).

“Identify Hidden Insights using Db2 13 SQL Data Insights” Akiko Hoshikawa IBM

Db2 13 offers an industry’s first embedded AI capability that exploits Db2 data through a simple SQL functions. The session introduces what this innovative capability offers, the technology behind, and more importantly, how you can exploit AI semantic queries using various examples. 

“Db2 13 for z/OS Application Management Enhancements”  Tammie Dang IBM

 Db2 13 for z/OS was recently released last May with several features to support better application management. This presentation focuses on the enhancements with regard to application locking where multiple applications with different characteristics could apply their own priorities, wait time intervals and exist in a multi-tenancy cloud. Enhancements that help to improve object’s online schema change while applications with static SQL are executing concurrently are also discussed.