June 20, 2019

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DB2 12 and Beyond
Continental Breakfast
Opening Remarks
Managing, Monitoring, Tuning and Architecting a Db2 for z/OS DDF Workload Robert Catterall, IBM
Break with Refreshments
Tablespace Evolvement – PBR2 is the new kid on the block Steen Rasmussen Broadcom
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Modern Db2 for z/OS Physical Database Design Robert Catterall, IBM
Break with Refreshments
The Most Important Stuff You Should Know About Db2 12 for z/OS, in 75 Minutes Robert Catterall, IBM
Wrap Up and Raffle and New Topics
Abstracts and Biographies: 
Speaker Bios:
Robert Catterall, IBM
Robert Catterall is an IBM Senior Consulting Db2 for z/OS specialist. He started his IT career with IBM in 1982, and worked throughout the 1990s as a member of the Company's Db2 for z/OS National Technical Support team. From 2000 to 2007, Robert worked as a database technology strategist for CheckFree (now part of Fiserv). After working for three years as an independent Db2 consultant, he rejoined IBM in 2010. Robert is a past President of the International Db2 Users Group (IDUG), and a member of IDUG's Speakers Hall of Fame. He presents frequently at conferences and user group meetings, and blogs about Db2 for z/OS at http://robertsdb2blog.blogspot.com/
Steen Rasmussen, Broadcom
Steen Rasmussen is a Customer Services Consultant currently instrumental in the ongoing development and support of the CA Technologies – A Broadcom Company Db2 solutions. In 1985,Steen started as an IMS/DB2 DBA at a major insurance company in Denmark, working with all aspects of DB2 - like tuning, application design and implementation, education of developers, backup and recovery planning, and automation of housekeeping processes. During this job, Steen also served as a member of the planning committee for DB2 GUIDE SHARE Nordic Region. In 1995, Steen became a technical manager at PLATINUM Technology managing technical support and presales for the DB2 products. Steen has been working with DB2 for z/OS Release 1.0 since 1985 and is always looking for new opportunities in the CA DB2 solutions which can help customers manage DB2 more efficiently. Aside from providing support to the teams in the field as well as internal groups at CA technologies working with DB2, Steen is also a frequent speaker at IDUG in North America, EMEA and Australia as well as local DB2 User Groups around the world. Since 2014 Steen has been an IBM Champion. Steen has also been the CA liaison for IDUG NA since 2013.


Sessions and Abstracts:
Managing, Monitoring, Tuning and Architecting a Db2 for z/OS DDF Workload
Robert Catterall, IBM
At a great many Db2 for z/OS sites, applications that utilize the distributed data facility (DDF) comprise the fastest-growing segment of the overall Db2 workload, and such applications are increasingly found to be the very largest workload component - bigger than CICS-Db2, bigger than IMS-Db2, bigger than batch-Db2. These trends make it ever more important to "do DDF right." How can a Db2 DDF workload be effectively managed? How can DDF activity be monitored and tuned? What does DDF application architecture have to do with efficiency? These and other pertinent questions will be answered in this session.
Tablespace Evolvement – PBR2 is the New Kid on the Block
Steen Rasmussen, Broadcom
The tablespace design has been through many changes and enhancements. This presentation will cover each of the tablespace types including pro’s and con’s and limitations as well as best practices. The emphasis will be on the new tablespace type (Relative Addressing) introduced in Db2 12 using a live Db2 12 system to illustrate the details.
Tablespace design has evolved a lot over the past +3 decades and the new Relative Byte Addressing will solve most if not all the nightmares from the DBA perspective.
  • Tablespace types since the early days of Db2 and their pro’s and con’s.
  • Table Controlled Partitioning 
  • Partition By Growth
  • Relative Byte Addressing
  • Live walk through of all the new DDL attributes, utility processing, and enhancements to schema changes
Modern Db2 for z/OS Physical Database Design
Robert Catterall, IBM
Db2 for z/OS physical database design has changed with the introduction, via recent Db2 releases, of new options that DBAs can exploit to improve performance, availability, and security - without requiring application code changes. This session will provide information on leveraging features related to data partitioning, table space type, LOB management, data protection, index design, data archiving, insert throughput maximization, and more.
The Most Important Stuff You Should Know About Db2 12 for z/OS, in 75 Minutes
Robert Catterall, IBM
Db2 12 for z/OS is packed with new features and functions, and the scope of that new functionality expands several times per year with the delivery of successive function levels - Db2 12 continuous delivery in action. It's easy to talk all day about Db2 12, and I do that on a regular basis. For this session, I've boiled down what I personally consider to be the most important Db2 12-related information into a 75-minute presentation. Z hardware and z/OS exploitation, performance enhancements, package bind possibilities, utility goodies, SQL capabilities, smarter data sharing, and more. Tthis is my take on the best of the best of the Db2 12 story.