March 26, 2020

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Cancelled: Db2 12 migration update and Db2 12 performance
Continental Breakfast
Opening Remarks
Benefits of Attending the IDUG North America Conference – Dallas, Texas 2020 Mark Rader IBM
An Audit a day keeps the lawyers at bay - Ulf Heinrich
Break with Refreshments
Db2 12 for z/OS Migration Update - Mark Rader
Buffet Lunch
ZOWE – The zGUI (r)evolution - First hands-on experience and best practices - Ulf Heinrich
Break with Refreshments
Db2 12 for z/OS Performance - Mark Rader
Wrap Up - Discuss June presentations
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Ulf Heinrich
Ulf Heinrich is the Director of Solutions Delivery at SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GmbH. He specializes in DB2 operations and performance tuning, focusing on the growing requirement for cost reduction and 24x7 operations. As a consultant at large customer sites, he has implemented database maintenance procedures and recovery strategies, and also experienced the pitfalls of recovery scenarios under realworld recovery pressure. His activities cover EMEA, as well as North America through SE’s U.S. subsidiary, SEGUS Inc. As a member of SE’s Request Board he’s working closely with customers and the development labs.



Mark Rader
Mark Rader is a Db2 for z/OS specialist in the IBM Washington Systems Center. He has over 35 years of technical experience with IBM, primarily with Db2 for z/OS. He has led many Db2 data sharing implementations and has presented a variety of topics at conferences, including IDUG and SHARE, and at regional Db2 user group meetings. He has worked closely with Db2 development in delivering the Early Support Programs for Db2 10, Db2 11, and Db2 12. He is an author of redbooks on Parallel Sysplex application considerations, Db2 data sharing, and Db2 for z/OS distributed function.




Sessions and Abstracts:

An Audit A Day Keeps the Lawyers at Bay!
Ulf Heinrich

GDPR, GLB HIPAA PCI-DSS Basel III Sarbanes-Oxley CA SB1386 Federal Information Security Management Act “Red Flag” Rules (FRCA)5 are facing us with serious requirements to protect the data we're hosting and to be able to report on a variety of criteria the Auditors may ask for. There's different ways and tools  that promise to be able to do it, but what can they really do and  what are the associated costs? This presentation introduces Db2 technology exploitation that  delivers DML, DDL, DCL activity in a Db2 environment along with  identification details. This presentation helps you understanding the way Auditors look at Db2 and what they need to do their daily work. Learn how you  can satisfy your Auditors needs, by interfacing with a SIEM system, like QRadar, Splunk, AlienVault, et al, combining the Db2 information with RACF, SMF and Master Log data. 

ZOWE – The zGui (r)evolution - First hands on experience and best practices
Ulf Heinrich

The evolution of the mainframe had a variety of GUI approaches, some lasted for a while, some never took off at all. However, it was never THE COMMON ecosystem used by all products and all vendors. At the 2018 SHARE, IBM, Rocket Software and CA Technologies announced ZOWE – THE z ecosystem to securely manage, control, script and develop. Of course, an announcement is probably not the final truth, but from what I’ve already seen and used I’m more than enthused. This presentation shows you the basics you need to understand ZOWE, summarizes the steps you need to use it and illustrates how ISPF online and batch applications are supported from the GUI world.

Db2 12 for z/OS Migration Update
Mark Rader

Db2 12 is running in many enterprises now. What have we learned about the migration process? Are there still things you need to consider, or new developments you need to include in your plan?
This presentation will start with a status update, review recent developments and near term plans (to the extent they can be discussed), and then open the floor to the attendees, who can share their experiences or ask questions of anyone in the room. Questions that cannot be answered in the room will get a "prize"

Db2 12 for z/OS Performance
Mark Rader

What are the significant opportunities for performance gains in Db2 12 for z/OS? This session will focus on various performance issues, challenges and potential solutions. The focus is on Db2 12 for z/OS and how to determine where you can derive the most benefit.